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Norm And Cory 2013 Animatic Sneak-Peek by andrewk
Norm And Cory 2013 Animatic Sneak-Peek…

Liked the animated short of Norm & Cory?? Here's a sneak-peek of the upcoming exclusive release of the Norm & Cory 2013 animatic! PATRONS will be able to see this a week before anyone else!  Look forward to it in a couple days!  :)
TidBits 107 - Importance of Earnest Beeing by andrewk
TidBits 107 - Importance of Earnest Beeing

Support my work on Patreon to keep this show going, and to help me continue working on my art in general here:

Bees may be annoying and some can sting you, but they're more important to maintaining the balance of nature than you realize!  Norm explains, Cory reacts!

Tidbits with Norm & Cory is an edutainment series featuring the 2 furry critters from the 2013 animated short, Norm & Cory!  Aimed at middle-school students in science class, or just any curious child thirsty for knowledge, Norm guides them through an intro course comprised of 1-minute episodes with his pupil Cory! The Patreon campaign won't just be for Tidbits either.  From time to time I'll also add still drawings, comic pages, and other videos.

A new episode will be added at least once a month on the children's video site, BatteryPOP!  Uploads on YouTube for the same episode will follow!

ALL the episodes can be seen here:…

Norm & Cory (C) 2003-2015 Andrew Kaiko  All rights reserved

Watch the original animated short here !
Despicable Animaniacs by andrewk
Despicable Animaniacs…

Yakko: "I like him. He's nice."
Wakko: "And SCAR-y!"
Dot: "... like Steve Buscemi." *they go to sleep*

This is a crossover that was stewing in my head for months now and I'm glad I finally got around to making it! You can just imagine the scenerios of an Animaniacs episode if it parodied Despicable Me!

Spread my Patreon around and help make my hobby into a worthwhile activity!  :)  Coming up soon are another TidBits episode, the animatics of the Norm & Cory short and 3 TidBits episodes, and some animation requests!

Yakko, Wakko and Dot (C) Warner Bros.
Gru (C) Universal
Sailing Abode by andrewk
Sailing Abode…

I think I dreamed this image in some form, and for some reason my mind kept wandering back to it, so I decided to make it into an image.  It's a boy's room in some fantasy setting, with a library above, with a mural on the wall.  There are two rotating shelves on the sides of the door that he can control and get the right book.  I may add more stuff to this once I get inspired!

If you like what I do, support my art on Patreon to make my time on it worthwhile, and spread the link around!
Nostalgia Critic - TMNT Review Logo by andrewk
Nostalgia Critic - TMNT Review Logo
I did a second official Nostalgia Critic animation: the animated logo spoofing the 1987's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series for the crossover review of Michael Bay's TMNT, with the Angry Video Game Nerd!  Look forward to it tomorrow on

You can see the animation in the preview!

The review is here !


It's true that trailers usually lie to get people to see a movie in a theater. The trailer for this one did lie a bit too, but in a way I never seen before: the CGI characters interacting with a live-action beach town and battling Burger Beard actually takes up only the last FOURTH of the movie! The rest is a showcase of nearly all the kinds of animation styles on the planet, with the hand-drawn style from the TV show taking up most of the run time. That's right… against all odds, the 2nd most successful February opening of all time is a mostly HAND-DRAWN ANIMATED movie, and USA audiences were essentially tricked into seeing one! This makes a fan of the old traditional ways like me happy.

Sadly, the story was kinda WORSE than I expected. Because the meat of the action really takes place at the end, the rest is comprised of the more usual comedic/talky antics seen in the TV show with story points that are either grossly exaggerated or come out of nowhere, which many may not be prepared for when wanting something more conventional. It DID feel like some scenes ruined the pace. How would the loss of a recipe for a fast food restaurant and no Krabby Pattys put a peaceful town into an apocalyptic Mad Max-like riot in a second? The time machine side plot was included to introduce Bubbles who would help them all out later, and give Plankton more time to learn teamwork, but it was otherwise an unnecessary addition- the goal they were both trying to achieve with the machine was ruined by Spongebob by around the hour point, putting the characters back to square one. You can tell the TV writers were struggling to find a way to make a new story to fill a 90-minute runtime.

Antonio Banderas is one of the few actors who can act seamlessly on a set to cartoon characters who do not exist, right up there with Brendan Frasier, and he carries all his scenes with ease. One other thing the trailers didn't tell us was that the seagulls that Beard narrates part of the story to can TALK, which I was initially against seeing as how they're clearly elements of the "real" world, …. until I discovered they are voiced by some of the best Los Angeles cartoon voice actors working today like Rob Paulsen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Eric Bauza, Cree Summer, Billy West, and more, which made up for it! They take up a lot of the humor in Banderas' scenes and I warmed up to them eventually, even though I understand how they can be annoying.

Overall, this was a hilarious, harmless, film that captures the random humor of the 1920's cartoons, but doesn't really get going until the third act. Haters of the more recent seasons can REST EASY! grin emoticon I'm glad that this time, Squidward and Sandy got to be supporting roles instead of ancillary characters in the first Spongebob movie. I appreciated the subtle nods to even the first season (Plankton exploring Spongebob's brain is something he did early on, the "Teamwork" song is near identical to the "Friendship" song, Squidward reprises his creative "interpretive dance" animation that he hasn't done in about 15 years!), which only the returning writers from the first season can bring back. The story could use work, but everything else is worth admission!


I'm heading a series called TidBits With Norm & Cory over on YouTube and my Patreon account! Look out for a new episode of #tidbits with #normandcory this month! And starting in February, my patrons will be listed in the end credits! Be sure to support me or spread the word about my Patreon account today!

Episode 1: [link]
Episode 2: [link]
Episode 3: [link]
Episode 4: [link]


-…  See my short Norm & Cory in full!

- Orbis Park won a 2012 ASIFA East Award for Excellence in Design in the Independent Film category.  It tied with an SVA thesis called The Girl And The Fox.  Congratulations to all the winners! And as always, my short can be watched in its entirety here: !


Andrew K.
United States
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Skin of choice: Human flesh?
Favourite cartoon character: Wow, if I had a dollar for each of these!
Personal Quote: "It's not what you are that's important. It's what you do." -Norm


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