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TidBits 108 - Ignorance In The Information Age by andrewk
TidBits 108 - Ignorance In The Information Age

Support my work on Patreon to keep this show going, and to help me continue working on my art in general here:

We take a break from science lessons for more of an ethics lesson this month.  Norm has an issue that he believes has gone way out of paw.  The sparrow is voiced by James Sugrue, who has worked as a Titmouse animator for a while now, and his amazing stuff can be seen here… !

Tidbits with Norm & Cory is an edutainment series featuring the 2 furry critters from the 2013 animated short, Norm & Cory!  Aimed at middle-school students in science class, or just any curious child thirsty for knowledge, Norm guides them through an intro course comprised of 1-minute episodes with his pupil Cory! The Patreon campaign won't just be for Tidbits either.  From time to time I'll also add still drawings, comic pages, and other videos.

A new episode will be added at least once a month on the children's video site, BatteryPOP, and YouTube!

Norm & Cory (C) 2003-2015 Andrew Kaiko  All rights reserved

Watch the original animated short here !
Mikey Simon
The main character of the show. An enthusiastic but naive and egotistical 19-year-old American actor from Cleveland, Ohio, who wins a contest to fly to Japan and is hired to play the hero, Kappa Mikey, on the anime Lily Mu.  Since the end of Season 2, he has confirmed his love for Mistuki, and they're going out.  By the movie's start, he is faced with the possible end of the LilyMu show and is offered another acting job in the United States by an old friend.

The other lead female of LilyMu, Mitsuki is shy, polite, and as of Season 2, Mikey's girlfriend.  Mikey heads to the United States but due to his letter getting lost in the mail, his friends don't know where he is, and Mitsuki starts to wonder if Mikey's really helping their relationship grow.

Star Kasha
The main antagonist of the movie, Kasha is Japan's only American idol singer, a blonde lolita with a cutesy exterior on stage but is a ruthless, angry control freak in real life, and also the driving force behind her tentpole franchise and empire.  She has abandonment issues from her past, and wants every production to continue for as long as possible. She lived in Japan so long, she's now convinced that she's 100% Japanese.  She's also Mikey's childhood friend who he competed with in all auditions he ever tried out for, and always lost.  Hearing that the LilyMu show may be ending after the movie is finished, she gives Mikey a lucrative offer to go back to the United States for a Hollywood-produced TV series that will require shooting across the country.  Lily sees her as a reflection of herself before she matured.

The bad guy on-camera, but off-camera, he's just a large, pointy-eared, lovable, oafish moron, and Mikey's best pal.  In the movie, he goes to the United States with the rest of the LilyMu crew to go after Mikey.

The tempermental diva used to be the star of LilyMu and the biggest one in Japan, until Mikey dropped in and stole her thunder, which she totally hates him for. She has since mellowed down her temper some, but is still her snarky self.  She contacts the Cat Burglar in secret and is the one to discover where Mikey went.  She shows the most distain towards the United States' weird quirks.

The Lily Mu mascot character and frazzled writer/director/actor.

The kung-fu-master-like executive producer.  The LilyMu movie needs to be completed on time or the investors and executives will be over his neck, so he orchestrates the journey to the United States to retrieve Mikey while in Toyko, keeping the investors at bay.  He provides the company caravan bus, shipped by jet, so the LilyMu actors can travel across the country.

Ozu's chimp-faced assistant.  He accidentally gets shipped in the cargo area of an airplane, and winds up in the office building that runs Star Kasha's company, where he meets other Yes-Men of various genders and personalities.  

Mister and Misses Simon
Mikey's parents, who frequently calls their son over the phone while Mikey's in Japan.  The chipper and handy but determined and capable Mister Simon is into classic rock from his high school and college days, but never pursued it as a real career. He also used to run a successful delivery service but hard times in Cleveland have forced him to shrink his service to only deliver anvils, their weight which is slowly destroying his office truck that he wound up keeping.  Misses Simon is selfless, forgiving, loves her husband just as much as the first time they met, and loves helping any friends who may wander into their home. She bakes and cooks amazingly well, and also knits.  The job market also means they may need to move out of the home they lived in since Mikey's birth. When Mikey returns, they insist they go with him on the rest of the production shoot to boost morale, help him out of his rut, and figure out a way to save their house.   They befriend the LilyMu crew quickly, but they also do the same towards Kasha, much to their chagrin.

Sterling the Stork
Sterling is a mellow, aging American stork who delivered Mikey to the Simons 19 years ago.  He used to work at the United States branch of the International Cloud-based Delivery Company, but he retired because he gradually lost his sense of direction and became too weak to carry deliveries. Homeless, he returned to the Simons when Mikey was only 5, and they graciously accepted him as a new member of the family since.  He makes friends with Guano when the LilyMu crew crash over at their home, and Guano inspires him to carry himself to help with the climax.

Accordion-Playing Troll
The Accordion-Playing Troll (or just APT) moved into Mikey's room while he was away.  He is a stout, green, ugly, inhospitable creature with a perpetual frown, who refuses to pay the Simons' rent but also refuses to leave.  He cannot speak (thus, no voice-actor), and only communicates to others through the weird noises coming out of the accordion that he carries everywhere, yet oddly, everyone still understands him.  He spends his days inside the room that he covered in fantasy-ish items, and starts fights on the Internet.

Pinku and Umi
Two of the newer LilyMu interns, both unusually stoic, quiet, yet compellingly attractive. They are siblings.  Pinku is the shorter pink-haired sister who handles lighting units and is possibly a robot, somehow.  Umi is the taller brother who specializes in make-up and is possibly an expert sharp-shooter, somehow.  They help with anything while on the quest across the United States, including having just about any items needed on hand, even if it's not logically possible for them to.  Yet no matter how impressive they may get, they're still content staying interns. Very mysterious…

LilyMu's shy cameraman who hates being on-camera.  He drives the LilyMy caravan bus across the United States, and manages any on-set duties through the movie, even if she gets overshadowed by Pinku and Umi.

Beau Bull and Larry
Star Kasha's two incompetent assistants that she got stuck with after realizing she assigned her better personal to all other divisions of her company.  They are rendered in the Western cartoon style.  Beau Bull is a towering, blocky bovine in a business suit who can't control his strength.  Larry is an orange, lanky human techie who has a penchant for introducing himself repeatedly, and his annoying voice doesn't exactly help.  

Cat Burglar
An unnamed Japanese bandit who resembles a bit of Lupin III.  He is crazy about cats and own a ton of them.  They are also his partners in crime.  He agrees to help Lily find Mikey's location by hacking into computers in an alley way.  

Masako Masako
Tokyo's most beloved red-carpet fashion critic in Battle of the Bands, her first appearance, and motherly talk show host in Script Assassin. She resembles Yubaba from Spirited Away, yet has the voice and personality of Joan Rivers. In the movie, she is a news anchor who provides exposition, and occasionally reports from the scene.

A Japanese living sock puppet who is a J-pop artist, head of his own music empire, a ladies "man", and LilyMu's recurring business rival.  In the movie, he is on his international tour when his bus breaks down and he is forced to ride with the crew for a short time before being picked up a bunch of loud Muppet rip-offs heading to New York.

The Head
The AI of a computer that runs Star Kasha's New York financial branch.  He appears in the form of a massive computer screen taking up a whole wall in the company market floor, with extending Swiss army arms that can do all sorts of things.  He talks in a monotone computer voice and reports any company news to the characters.  In the end, he is the key to keeping the LilyMu movie going and determines the fate of Mikey's career.

Super LilyMu Sentoki
LilyMu's gigantic mech that is built to be used as a key player in the LilyMu movie's climax.  This mech has its own AI with the voice of a woman who only the pilot can hear while in the dashboard.

Dancing Sushi
Little sushi-beings that serve as scene transitions or bumpers in the movie. They dance around and make cute noises.  And MAYBE they'll have scenes OUTSIDE of the bumpers this time…
Kappa Movie Character Desc.
To help people imagine who may be a good voice match for the new characters started here, I decided to write profiles of the cast.  Some of these are from the original Nicktoon and a lot of this information will be old news, but each one also contains a few new tidbits in regards to the movie.

The Kappa Movie gallery:…
Kappa Mikey (C) Kanonen & Bestreichen Inc., Nicktoons, Handmade Films
Watch Kappa Mikey entirely on iTunes, and on various illegal streaming sites :P
Kappa Movie Credits 01 A by andrewk
Kappa Movie Credits 01 A
Inspired by :iconjimenopolix:'s piece Jimenitoon Movie End Credits Screen Sample , I decided to think up what part of the end credits will look like for Kappa Movie if it existed!  To remind everyone, this is based on my own ideas for the movie, and absolutely nothing about this is official, even though I animated on the original Nicktoon! 

This shows the cast list as it appears on screen, a fitting end to a complete 90-minute tribute to anime/Western cartoon fans!  It will not scroll up like traditional credits would, but instead it will fade in and out, with images tweening left underneath it in a horizontal format, much like the end credits to Kung Fu Panda, and I imagine some form of the soundtrack playing along with it like this one:… .

None of the names here are set in stone.  I made this list for hours considering who might be available at this time, who I would want to see reprising their roles, and who might be a good fit for the new characters I created. I considered this being recorded in LA, and with a mix of both anime dub actors and Western animation actors.  You may ask why I chose which actor for which character in the replies, or suggest other actors you might think would be a fit too!  I may even fill in for some of these roles on the chance we can't a suitable match, and I would've added myself among the list but didn't, since it felt a bit self-indulgent (I can do a good Guano, Ozu, Yes-Man, and Yoshi).  I may even make a second version of this shot, in case I think of other ideas for who can voice who!

The Kappa Movie gallery:…
Kappa Mikey (C) Kanonen & Bestreichen Inc., Nicktoons, Handmade Films
Watch Kappa Mikey entirely on iTunes, and on various illegal streaming sites :P
Norm And Cory - Bonzai Maze 3 by andrewk
Norm And Cory - Bonzai Maze 3

This is the third and last page of the first real comic I am making for Patreon!  This 3-page comic will take the place of the 8th TidBits episode for May, which is postponed until June.  Tell me if you're enjoying these comics and if you would like to see more on my Patreon account.

Spread the world about my Patreon and consider making a donation.


It's true that trailers usually lie to get people to see a movie in a theater. The trailer for this one did lie a bit too, but in a way I never seen before: the CGI characters interacting with a live-action beach town and battling Burger Beard actually takes up only the last FOURTH of the movie! The rest is a showcase of nearly all the kinds of animation styles on the planet, with the hand-drawn style from the TV show taking up most of the run time. That's right… against all odds, the 2nd most successful February opening of all time is a mostly HAND-DRAWN ANIMATED movie, and USA audiences were essentially tricked into seeing one! This makes a fan of the old traditional ways like me happy.

Sadly, the story was kinda WORSE than I expected. Because the meat of the action really takes place at the end, the rest is comprised of the more usual comedic/talky antics seen in the TV show with story points that are either grossly exaggerated or come out of nowhere, which many may not be prepared for when wanting something more conventional. It DID feel like some scenes ruined the pace. How would the loss of a recipe for a fast food restaurant and no Krabby Pattys put a peaceful town into an apocalyptic Mad Max-like riot in a second? The time machine side plot was included to introduce Bubbles who would help them all out later, and give Plankton more time to learn teamwork, but it was otherwise an unnecessary addition- the goal they were both trying to achieve with the machine was ruined by Spongebob by around the hour point, putting the characters back to square one. You can tell the TV writers were struggling to find a way to make a new story to fill a 90-minute runtime.

Antonio Banderas is one of the few actors who can act seamlessly on a set to cartoon characters who do not exist, right up there with Brendan Frasier, and he carries all his scenes with ease. One other thing the trailers didn't tell us was that the seagulls that Beard narrates part of the story to can TALK, which I was initially against seeing as how they're clearly elements of the "real" world, …. until I discovered they are voiced by some of the best Los Angeles cartoon voice actors working today like Rob Paulsen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Eric Bauza, Cree Summer, Billy West, and more, which made up for it! They take up a lot of the humor in Banderas' scenes and I warmed up to them eventually, even though I understand how they can be annoying.

Overall, this was a hilarious, harmless, film that captures the random humor of the 1920's cartoons, but doesn't really get going until the third act. Haters of the more recent seasons can REST EASY! grin emoticon I'm glad that this time, Squidward and Sandy got to be supporting roles instead of ancillary characters in the first Spongebob movie. I appreciated the subtle nods to even the first season (Plankton exploring Spongebob's brain is something he did early on, the "Teamwork" song is near identical to the "Friendship" song, Squidward reprises his creative "interpretive dance" animation that he hasn't done in about 15 years!), which only the returning writers from the first season can bring back. The story could use work, but everything else is worth admission!


I'm heading a series called TidBits With Norm & Cory over on YouTube and my Patreon account! Look out for a new episode of #tidbits with #normandcory this month! And starting in February, my patrons will be listed in the end credits! Be sure to support me or spread the word about my Patreon account today!

Episode 1: [link]
Episode 2: [link]
Episode 3: [link]
Episode 4: [link]


-…  See my short Norm & Cory in full!

- Orbis Park won a 2012 ASIFA East Award for Excellence in Design in the Independent Film category.  It tied with an SVA thesis called The Girl And The Fox.  Congratulations to all the winners! And as always, my short can be watched in its entirety here: !


Andrew K.
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Personal Quote: "It's not what you are that's important. It's what you do." -Norm


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